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short about Me ;


hi there , i am a computer and control engineer love programming things to make it think !.I love Microsoft ! don't ask why ! , respect yahoo (really they are so orgnized), I admire Google for their smart works, interested in Sun Microsystems (Unix like OS not java!) .I wish one day all these companies are merged and have a one goal to make the life easier and easier for users and programmers



Deep inside me

I am a romantic ,  i love one girl in my life she know her self, what i discover in mylife three things:

1-The Best Things in Life is FreeDom.

2-The Best Gift from life is Love .

3-The Most Important Thing in life is Health , hope all are fine.

finally i belive in this :

there is no trust .


What I like

programming, hanging out, travelling , meeting new friends and join different cultures


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